Character: Chakra V2 100 HDD

Year 2012, excellent condition.

Design: Wave V3 in metallic grey

Board is located at our dealer Pura Vida Boardriders, UK. Please contact them. Details are in the distribution list.

Length: See chart
Volume: 100
Weight: 7,2
Construction: HDD
Sail range:
Price: € 900
Posted: 14/04/14

Character: Wave V3.1 in custom S-glass-CBC construction.

Design: No design yet so it can be chosen. The board is still brandnew, the customer changed the construction in the end so we started him a new one and this is for sale.

Interested? Contact us!

Length: 2228
Width: 555
Volume: 77
Weight: 6.3
Construction: S-glass-CBC
Sail range:
Price: € 1800
Posted: 08/04/14

Character: ATTENTION: There is a Chakra 100 SDT on which is sold as nearly new from Sofia, Bulgaria. We strongly suspect this is an old garantee board which was made to look new by an ex factory worker from the factory in Sofia. Do not buy this board untill after verifying the serial nr with us.

Design: Chakra 100 SDT from Sofia

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Sail range:
Posted: 01/04/14

Character: Wave allround V2.3

Design: V2.3 in blue-yellow

Length: 232
Width: 59.5
Volume: 89
Weight: 7.3
Construction: HDD
Sail range: 4.0-5.8
guarantee: 3 meses
Price: € 500
Posted: 07/03/14

Character: Wave V3 74 HDD

Design: V3 design in green.

Located in Galicia, Spain

Length: See chart
Volume: 74
Weight: 6.4
Construction: HDD
Sail range: See chart
guarantee: 8 meses
Price: € 900
Posted: 07/03/14

Character: Wave allround-big guy

Design: V3.0 in rasta colors

Available end of march.

Interested? Contact us!

Length: 227
Width: 60,5
Volume: 91
Weight: 7,2
Construction: XHDD
Sail range: 4.2-6.0
guarantee: 12 months
Price: € 1200
Posted: 05/03/14

Character: Rad wave, trifin V3.0

Located in the UK.

Design: Flag + Kev Bambra airbrush on bottom, mail for more pics.

Length: 225
Width: 60
Volume: 88
Weight: 7.0
Construction: LD
Sail range: 4.0-5.8
guarantee: private sale
Price: € 575
Posted: 02/12/13

Character: Shaman

Design: HDD

Located in France, Normandy

Length: 2345
Width: 620
Volume: 96
Weight: 6,8
Construction: HDD
Sail range: 4.5-6.2
guarantee: 12 months
Price: € 1300
Posted: 21/11/13

Character: Flextail for allround use, early planing and tight turning

Design: Yellow deck and bottom. Silver graphics.
Available end of october

Interested? Contact us!

Length: 2225
Width: 560
Volume: 76
Weight: 6.8
Construction: HDD
Sail range: 3.2-5.3
guarantee: 12 months
Price: € 1500
Posted: 07/10/13

Character: Custom Shaman

Design: Red and Blue

Used 4 hours.

Length: 2209
Width: 565
Volume: 79
Weight: 6.8
Construction: XHDD
Sail range: 3.3-5.2
guarantee: 23 months
Price: € 1500
Posted: 20/07/13

Used Boards

Prices are according to guarantee offered, condition, construction, shape, design, age and extras, for any info on details or pictures do not hesitate to contact us: