Character: Wave allround V2.3

Private sale, located in Ferrol, Galicia, Spain. Contact us for contact details of owner.

Design: V2.3 in blue-yellow. Good condition, constructively fully sound.

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Length: 232
Width: 59.5
Volume: 89
Weight: 7.3
Construction: HDD
Sail range: 4.0-5.8
guarantee: private sale
Price: € 500
Posted: 10/07/14

Character: Wave allround, small/light guy

Design: yellow top and bottom

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Length: 2204
Width: 536
Volume: 70
Weight: 6.0
Construction: CBC
Sail range: 3.3-5.0
guarantee: 6 months
Price: € 1100
Posted: 05/07/14

Character: Freestyle 102

Design: Green V3

Located in Italy, private sale, contact us for the contact details of the owner.

Length: See chart
Volume: 102
Weight: 5.7
Construction: FCBC
Sail range:
Price: € 1100
Posted: 21/05/14

Character: Wave V3 custom with a bit more rocker for bigger guys and side shore conditions

Design: Wave V3 in red

Length: 227
Width: 60.5
Volume: 91
Weight: 7.5
Construction: XHDD
Sail range: 4.2-6.2
guarantee: 12 months
Price: € 900
Posted: 21/04/14

Character: Chakra V2 100 HDD

Year 2012, excellent condition.

Design: Wave V3 in metallic grey

Board is located at our dealer Pura Vida Boardriders, UK. Please contact them. Details are in the distribution list.

Length: See chart
Volume: 100
Weight: 7,2
Construction: HDD
Sail range:
Price: € 900
Posted: 14/04/14

Character: Wave V3.1 in custom S-glass-CBC construction.

Design: No design yet so it can be chosen. The board is still brandnew, the customer changed the construction in the end so we started him a new one and this is for sale.

Length: 2228
Width: 555
Volume: 77
Weight: 6.3
Construction: S-glass-CBC
Sail range:
Price: € 1800
Posted: 08/04/14

Character: Wave V3 74 HDD

Design: V3 design in green.

Located in Galicia, Spain

Length: See chart
Volume: 74
Weight: 6.4
Construction: HDD
Sail range: See chart
guarantee: 8 meses
Price: € 900
Posted: 07/03/14

Character: Rad wave, trifin V3.0

Located in the UK.

Design: Flag + Kev Bambra airbrush on bottom, mail for more pics.

Length: 225
Width: 60
Volume: 88
Weight: 7.0
Construction: LD
Sail range: 4.0-5.8
guarantee: private sale
Price: € 575
Posted: 02/12/13

Character: Shaman

Design: HDD

Located in France, Normandy

Length: 2345
Width: 620
Volume: 96
Weight: 6,8
Construction: HDD
Sail range: 4.5-6.2
guarantee: 12 months
Price: € 1300
Posted: 21/11/13

Character: Flextail for allround use, early planing and tight turning

Design: Yellow deck and bottom. Silver graphics.
Available end of october

Interested? Contact us!

Length: 2225
Width: 560
Volume: 76
Weight: 6.8
Construction: HDD
Sail range: 3.2-5.3
guarantee: 12 months
Price: € 1500
Posted: 07/10/13

Character: Custom Shaman

Design: Red and Blue

Used 4 hours.

Length: 2209
Width: 565
Volume: 79
Weight: 6.8
Construction: XHDD
Sail range: 3.3-5.2
guarantee: 23 months
Price: € 1500
Posted: 20/07/13

Used Boards

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